Traveling to Israel?

Things you have to know

Oy! If you are going to Israel - particularly if you are going for the first time, there are things to know. Those of you who are seasoned travelers might want to leave some comments in the POST A MESSAGE CENTER PAGE

Jews who travel have to understand that a trip to Israel is not like a trip to the neighborhood deli. What about the weather, the restaurants, the hotels, and personal safety? Mideast terror has frightened many people away. We Jews cannot be afraid to visit our homeland.

First, the mundane. As anywhere, Israeli weather varies. Normally, it's moderate, but there are places where it can get VERY HOT in the summer. Click here for today's weather.

About dining. It sounds trite, but as in any country, there are some truly fine, and also some inexpensive restaurants in Israel. Can you find Italian cuisine? Sure, but why would you want to?

Concerning accomodations, yes there are Bed and Breakfast places, and all kinds of Hotels

Do I need?
A visa? NO
A passport? Yes
Innoculations? NO
Credit cards? They'll work in Israel
An interpreter? Usually not, but here's some instant help

Should you travel on Saturday? Ask your Travel Agent

For any of a zillion travel questions try here

If you have questions about rules and regulations
This information discusses, not only Israel, but other places in the Mid East.

For any other questions, use this special Google Search Engine


Is it Safe?
Americans traveling abroad should always concern themselves with thoughts of their safety. If it is unsafe to travel, the U.S. government will warn its citizens. But common sense tells us that since 9/11/ the world has changed. The newspapers tell us of terrorists in the mid east. That said, we cannot live constantly in fear. Use common sense.

Anything Else?

The American CIA has a report on the people, resources, government, economy, and just about anything else a researcher might want to know.

Catholics should look here and also here for information concerning Pilgrimages.