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Whether you desire great Jewish cooking or you need to know where Kosher Jewish restaurants are located in most places, we got it. We have so much here, you could plotz.

If you are in business and have a website and it is poorly ranked, Drai mir nit kain kop! Translated - Don't bother me. Go bother this website genius. He does Search Engine Optimization

Want info about the Holy Land? No not Miami with flamingos, the real Holy Land. We offer help.

Everyone knows that Jews believe they will die if they don't eat every fifteen minutes. Jews and Italians are a lot a like, thus we love their food. So, if you happen to be in Philly, try Philadelphia restaurants . If you are in Louisville, KY, you are not going to believe this, the finest retaurant in town is owned by the Jewish hospital there. You can even learn a little Yiddish from one of our links. You'll find lawyers and doctors of the tribe in our "Links Shminks" page. This is one big megillah. Are we overusing ethnic expressions? Use the Blue links at the top of every page to navigate around the site. There are several pages, so visit them all.

Some more examples of what you'll find in this site. Click here for a recipe for Rugelach.

The neighbors don't speak English anymore, and you have to move? You need lots of real estate information and listings anywhere in the US.Click here

Want to know about Jews in the Entertainment World no problem, thanks to our friends in the United Kingdom! Need to ask a rabbi a question, and you don't want to ask your own, click here.

Since we want to make this an International site, here's an association forJewish lawyers

Listen, there's more. First, where is the best Jewish deli in America? This guy thinks he has the answer

In this world filled with bigmouths like Rush Limbaugh, there is actually a Jewish Liberal Radio Talk Host and if the conservatives don't like it ...Azoy vert dos kichel tzekrochen! - That's how the cookie crumbles! How's that for a modern Jewish expression?

Got a problem finding anything the Chosen people? Hob nit kain deiges...which means, do not worry. It is here, somewhere. Want to know about the torah, the talmud or the stock market? Need a realtor who is not a goniff, Philadelphia real estate this is the boichick for you.

Look at all the pages, somewhere what you want is here. Have fun! Come to this site every day to read the Jerusalem Post FREE, and in English.
Jerusalem Post

Remember Es ken gemolt zein. In this site, anything is possible. Yes everything. If your son is a lazy shlub, and has no job, just

Holocaust Museum
A Must See Place
Jewish Gays
Everything Jewish is what we said
Jewish Cooking
Oy gevalt
Jewish restaurants by area, Jewish news and a ton more
Want heartburn. They have it in spades
Jewish Holidays
No more guessing about dates

If there is some information that you need, and you can't find it here, please let us know. Write us an email and in the subject line write OY, DO I HAVE A PROBLEMEmail us

Jewish law
We had lawyers before the world had shoes

Jewish Travel and Vacations
Boids of a feather...!
The Jewish Mall
Shop till you drop
The Curse...You need a nose job
This and braces for your teeth make being Jewish expensive
Yiddish Expressions
Tell your kids

Anti Semitism
It's a Federal Crime
Learn Yiddish
Speak better English, learn Yiddish words
Zadie came from where?
One of the better sites on your roots
Your daughter is marrying WHO?
Jewish jokes
Holiday humor
Yahrzeit calender
Fifty year calendar. Never Forget the date
A Jewish maven builds a website for you
If they can't find your website, you need help

The authors and editors of this site assume no responsibility for the information contained herein. Do not be silly, even though we are Jewish, we couldn't know everything. These sites are for your information and entertainment. The editors of "OY" do not necessarily endorse them. If you find any information that is not valid, true, or is offensive to you, please email us. If you need more information on any subject, be it the Holy Land, interfaith marriage, or Jewish anything just let us know.