Oy, or is it Oi?

A Fun guide for the Chosen

Jewish Oi or OY

ARE WE JEWISH? Oy! We Jews probably use the word 'oy', sometimes spelled 'oi', more than any other word except 'food' or 'eat'. It's the Jewish thing to do. Oy, I'm tired! Oi, I hurt, oy, what weather, oi, look at this doctor's bill, oy, when you grow up you should have kids like you, oi, my mother is coming for the week, oy, I ate too much, and sometimes, with no reason, just plain Oy. It is impossible to be a Jew and not say "oi" several times a day. There is a Oy Gene somewhere in our DNA.

Especially for Jews


So, you went to Hebrew school, you go to schul 3 times a year on holidays, well test your Jewish IQ. Name everything on the Seder plate and tell why each item is there. Answers by clicking here . Get 'em all right, you're a Jew. Get one wrong, you're Reformed. Get two wrong, you need to ask your mother if you're adopted, cause a Yiddle you are not.

Oi or Oy Jewish sederplate

So you're a Jew.You're Jewish and you love it. This site is for you.

Use this special Google Search Engine to find anything about your heritage, religion etc.


Jewish News and other stuff:

You want 'serious', we got serious stuff. You want to talk religion, Jewish news in the world or your hometown, politics or sex in our FORUM , that's cool. It's all here, and it is all free. This site is everything Jewish. However, you do not have to be a Jew to have some fun here. It is for Jews, about Jews and by Jews, yet the non Jew is certainly welcome. We have a: Forum, dating service, jokes, cooking, travel information about Israel, oy, we're shluffy just thinking about it. There's information about the Torah, the Talmud, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah ... you name it, we have it.( see 'definitions') We'll even get you a gefilte fish recipe if you want it, but why would you?

It's all FREE. This page is a metsieh fun a ganef, in other words, a steal. There is nothing you have to buy! There are no fees! There is no registration! Good businessmen we are not.

Oy! When the rest of the world turns you down saying,"Drai mir nit kain kop", we'll offer help. What are you looking for? Jewish food, Jewish jokes, Jewish schools, something about Israel, Jewish support groups, Jewish law? We have links to all. If your son wants to marry a shikseh, we have links to people who will advise you. We'll even help you learn YIDDISH, so that your grandmother yells at you, at least you'll understand.

In the Post It-Message Center, you can look for the person of your dreams, or maybe try to find a lost friend, tell or read Yiddish jokes, give a recipe, inform us about an event in your community .. whatever you want.

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